Wednesday, June 29, 2016

We're Still Here.

The title pretty much sums it up. This marks the 2 year anniversary of Ulv Hamre as a group, and in that time, there's been quite a few changes. Not only for the group itself, but for the individuals involved. I can only speak for me in detail, which I won't do in great length, but especially in the last year, I have seen a lot of things go downhill. I won't talk about much of it. I'll only just say that certain things have happened on a physical/mental level that has left me having a hard time processing, focusing, and sometimes having issues getting by with simple day to day things. I've been going to doctors for the last six months, and have been trying to work with it.

The reason I bring this up, is because this is why I haven't done many videos. I can't seem to focus enough to actually get a proper video done. Some of you that know about my personal and hobby stuff on Youtube will also note that I don't have to have in depth discussion on the art or gaming channel. I either just play the game, or I draw. Simple enough. It's gathering my thoughts that becomes the issue. Often times, I'll go to speak and I'll go blank, and I'll sit there for a long while, trying to collect myself and remember what I was doing. So, for those that were looking for new videos, my apologies.


As far as the group goes, we're still doing what we do. We're not as involved on a whole community level these days, and from the last meeting we had, it seemed that the conversation went to the fact that we've gotten to the point that we don't have anything to prove to anyone. That's the general agreement among us.

When we first started, I know I felt like I had to prove myself. I wanted to build a community that I could work with others in. Once that community started, however, I felt that I got more drained the more I did it, because essentially it was Ulv Hamre working to try to build something great, and after dealing with the others and seeing how little it mattered to them, the question became, "Why bother?" If this group is the work horse, and people are taking advantage of it with no actual input of activity or care, then why do it? That "Fuck you" mentality stemmed from that.

So, essentially, we're still us. Nothing has changed on that at all. We just stay to ourselves mostly. We may have friends in other groups, and I'll always support the growth of actual Heathenry, but we have nothing to prove. We've stuck it out this long. It's gotten easier after we cut out the drama and bullshit.


There are some subjects that I wanted to touch on, that I have tried to cover in videos, and couldn't finish the video because of some issues.

Race vs. Culture

Simple enough, race isn't culture. within a skin color, if you're basing your judgements on that, there are many different cultures. So while this may not be popular among many folks who once supported us because of preconceived notions, we've always had that stance. I'm not your brother just because we're both white. I come from a place where it's more of an economic problem. So, you got treated like shit if you were under the poverty line. So, black, white, brown, or yellow, I don't give a shit. If you're good to me, I'll return the favor. I've heard quite a few Heathens say they're not prejudice at all, but make comments about people being friends with other races behind closed doors. Again, Ulv Hamre has always had the same stance this whole time about the matter. Culture is where tradition and ideas matter. Not race. I grew up in the Mountain culture*** that was multicultural. Polish, Irish, German, Welsh, British, African, French, Italian, etc... They were all there, and were instrumental in many traditions the mountains still carry today. recap...just because we're the same color doesn't mean I hold you any closer. I've always identified with folks on a social level. I've always related to the throw-away types. So, don't bro me, if you don't know me...

Which brings me to the next topic...

European vs. American Heathens

I've seen quite a bit of this idea, and it seems to be growing. There's a lot of Europeans on forums, facebook, youtube, etc...that don't feel that Americans have any culture, but they shouldn't be using the Gods of their culture. There's mixed beliefs with this, but one of the most common (from what I've seen), is that you have to be from Scandinavia to follow the Gods, and it doesn't matter if that is your heritage, you should still be from that region of the world. If you're mixed European, even, forget about it. As far as that thinking goes, I feel like those ideas are mostly kept by special snowflakes, many who, ironically, don't even follow Heathenry, but look at it like a cultural thing. My problem is, there's a lot of historical issues that would contradict what they say, so while not getting too far into it (it would have been at least 3 videos long), I'll just say that many points these folks have are backwards and they are ill-informed.

Human Gods

Yea, yea. I know. I've already mentioned this in videos before, but it still rings true. People out here talk about what it is to be a man and to be savage, but, for many guys with this idealistic viking complex, they don't do anything, and even when throwing punches, can't seem to do it right. They look up to other men who proclaim themselves stronger, but get suckered in by ideas. This cult-like mentality just breeds men who need others to approve. They proclaim that they don't, but if that was the case, there wouldn't be so much dick swinging in public. So, if there was any advice I would give someone coming into Heathenry, it's that you shouldn't buy into the bullshit. You don't have anything to prove to anyone, but yourself. Honor your ancestors, and take care of your business, and be sure you can protect what's yours. I would kill for my kin, and have came close to it, without second thought. I don't have to brag about it, or boast that I'm a badass, because I'm not. I just love my family and want to protect it. Don't follow people for validation. If you need approval to be a man, you're doing it wrong. The reason I say you're doing it wrong, is because usually it's a bullshit scheme anyways that followers feed money into. 


Lastly, I would like to thank those who have stuck it out with us.  It's been great to meet some of you, and while I haven't gotten back to everyone (fucking way too many messages at this point), just know we're all okay, and we appreciate that you guys care about us. If you were on my friends list before on social media, and you noticed I went off, it's because I was originally going to delete all of it. I remembered I had the pages attached to the account, however, so to the best of my knowledge, I can't. So, all that's left is tribe, my mom, and business contacts.

Thanks again, guys, and there will be some new stuff posted from time to time when we get together and record some stuff. Other than that, if you need anything, just message the Facebook page. Hope this finds everyone well.